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Ten of the Most Popular Travel Apps

Most of the people travel for fun and the last thing they want is the complications and stress that comes with booking and organizing.

But, companies are completely on top of this now, and are becoming smarter with their app creations. You can pretty much organize your whole trip now with a few cleverly selected apps – so shouldn’t you get brushing up on your apps? I mean – it could save you so much stress and worry!

So here is a rundown of my favorite travel apps:

1. Hipmunk

This app makes group booking incredible simple and easy to manage. Perfect if you’re travelling with a big group of friends or family. It’s completely changed the way we book travel too – and flipped the whole booking process, making everything so much easier.

2. Trip It

Need help organizing your tickets and confirmations and flight times? If so – then this app may be just what you need. You simply copy in your trip it email and all online confirmations and emails will be sent to your account. It’s the online equivalent of keeping everything safe and in one place.

3. Hailo

When you’re in a new city you don’t necessarily have all the means to track down a local taxi firm. This app takes the pain out of that and just books it for you and even locates the nearest taxi stands too. Smart and useful.

4. XE Currency

For those of you who are travelling to multiple destinations on your trip – you may be needing a reliable converter for currency. It’s good to know where you stand financially and this apps keeps it’s conversion up to date so that you’re always on top of things.

5. Google Translate

Because nobody speaks every language out there! This is unbelievably handy for dining out and navigation – so make sure you’ve got it downloaded.

6. Yelp

Yelp is great because it’s such a huge database of contacts and places – you’ll usually be able to track down any business or service should you need it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve used this app in an emergency.

7. WhatsApp Messenger

We don’t all have the money to be paying loads of phone fees every month whenever we decide to jet away on holiday. It’s just not possible. Instead – use WhatsApp messenger. As long as you’re connected to the internet you can message people for free.

8. Skype!

For keeping up with friends back home over the phone – but without the phone bills. By far one of the best inventions of the past 10 years!

9. Flight Track Pro

This great app might be paid, but it lets you track arrivals and departures accurately and on the go. Which comes in really handy when you’re a long-term traveller and using connecting flights.

10. Packing Pro

If you’re the kind of person who always worries that they’ve left or forgotten something upon leaving a place – then packing pro helps you track everything coming in and out of your suitcase.

Travel Apps – A Route to Smart and Comfortable Journey

Today everybody is carrying technology (i.e. mobile phones and other portable digital gadgets) in their hands. They are the tools which can give you real-time information about anything, just in single click whether it’s about travelling or something else. And if you’re planning to go for a vacation or business trip, there are various travel apps to help you out. If one is installed onto your smart device, it can be helpful when you’re venturing or in the middle of the tour.

They favor you on everything, like you can book an online ticket, reserve the hotel room and dinner table, locate your presence, display your e-tickets, etc. Now most of the travel apps are offering travelers card also so that the visitor of one country can visit the other country without carrying much hard cash and enjoy the moments without exchanging the currency into the corresponding currency of the place one is planning to go. In what ways these apps can simplify your journey are explained here:-

Help to pick the best spot in specific seasons

Being a travel freak, the first thing that matters to you is the destination and the second is the place where you want to stay. Seasons play an important role about the place one wants to go. You can choose and go to your interest specific place. Travel apps are helpful to make your travel experience unique and memorable as they can suggest you the locations according to the weather conditions and your interest.

Pre-arrange your travel plans

With the help of these applications, travelling has become easy, quick and convenient. They are capable of avoiding the chances of unforeseeable complications which may come across while having the moments of fun and entertainment. You can prepare yourself mentally and otherwise to tackle the on the go challenges so that you can deal and come out of the problems comfortably. They are the means to improve transparency about route and price quotations because these are two major factors which affect travelling choice the most.

Connect the people of the world

Travelling gives a great way to connect you with the custom, culture and values of other territories of the world. They have a huge social community base where you can share your experience and connect with the other travel geeks. They bridge the gap of geographical boundaries and bring the people closer. They contain distinctive contents like videos, photos, traveler reviews, etc. to give a more clear view about the place. And it’s the reason developers are in competition to make their social presence strong on a variety of social sites.

Provide information in real-time

The Internet is an excellent source of supplying endless information to all. Since they are integrated with the World Wide Web, you can find the information in real-time from any corner of the world. You can use them to find best nearby restaurant, gather the information about the destination you’ve finalized to travel, which mode of transportation will be more convenient, etc. Besides, they also provide information about the local transportation means.

Track the location

Travel application has a full focus on the visitors’ comfort when they’re away from the home and most of them provide information provided by GIS (it’s a system which gives real-time details about specific locations). With the help of them you can track your location anywhere in the world. They can also give you details like weather conditions, distance, etc. They are smart assistance which won’t ditch you in the middle of something when you’re away from your home. This latest technology is able to track and take care of first and last mile of your tour.

Assure comfort away from home

With the help of travel apps, it is so comfortable to cross the boundary of your country as if you’re going few yards away from your home. Travel provides us a way to take a break from fast-paced life and enjoy the liberty. This is a good change which helps to regain the momentum and enthusiasm back in life and travel applications help to enjoy the joy of life.

All-in-one solution

Either you’re travelling for having fun, business work, exploring the heritage of the world, in the search of peace of mind or due to some other reasons, tourism is not only a way of spending the free time, it’s a habit and addiction to know and see the world. One travel app can consolidate all the steps like route planning, mode of travel, meal cuisines, location for accommodation under the hoop. And since there are lots of apps and sites so you can make a comparison to know which suits you better and adopt the best deal.

If a smart phone or any other smart device is in your hand, then why to visit the travel agent’s office when you can turn your device into an agent of travel information? Travel apps are having users in the millions and their usability and flexibility allow users to book the e-tickets at the last moment if they’ve made a sudden plan. There is no need to worry if you forgot your ticket because it’s there with you on your smart device. Using these smart utilities and their extended feature applications, you can take right decisions, plan your vacations before stepping forward to your trip, compare prices and services so that can get the best deal at a fair price, know the experience of the people who have visited the location where you are about to go, book the surprise vacation for your dear ones, etc.

Why Build Your Travel App?

Nowadays people become more and more sophisticated in their choice of places to go traveling and even more – they become tech-savvy and hungry for relevant and well presented information. This demand thus touches traveling industry, requiring from its best players wide choice, reasonable prices and comfortable conditions. Modern travelers want to use modern services, try modern technologies which enrich their traveling experience. Did you consider going mobile already? Do you have a mobile version of your travel-services site? And finally, have you built at least one mobile app to present your services, destinations you work on or a simple traveling tips based app? I encourage you to improve and that is why:

Mobile can provide up-to-date travel information about directions you work on

Provide your clients with guidance, tips and advice about the place they are coming to, warn or encourage. It will help them not to get lost in foreign eco-system and feel as safe as possible.

Mobile can enhance travelers’ desire to go your direction and explore it independently

Give your customers more comprehensive information on the routes, venues and opportunities on the direction of their choice. Let them feel independent and well informed of the do’s and don’ts. That will push them to explore the place and obtain unique travel experience.

Mobile can make traveling greener

Travelers often use various paper travel guides, maps, phrasebooks and advisors to easily surf unknown surroundings and communicate with the natives. Collect everything they need into one mobile app and reduce the need for paper mediums thus saving forest resources. As well, it will simplify the process of information search which is another advantage of digital solution over paper source.

Mobile adds buzz

All apps done these days are well designed for sharing. It makes it easy for travelers to share pictures, videos or let friends know their location and surroundings, provided you included sharing feature to the app. A smart traveling app is worth sharing, worth sending a link about or showing to a fellow traveler.

I can’t avoid mentioning social media integration possibilities with various networking resources like Foursquare and the such – great places for spreading a word out.

Mobile can be a powerful brand promotion tool

If your app performs well, meets people’s needs and pleases them, these positive emotions become strongly associated with your brand. All this strengthen a loyal following and build a positive brand reputation.

Mobile can extend travel experience

A beautiful, smart and informative application will not be used just once. Users will address to it to check and recall some info, admire photos and videos if present or check their travel notes again.

Mobile is measurable

It’s quite easy to integrate analytics tools to track and measure your app effectiveness. You will always know was your app helpful, how much it was used and how many people got acquainted with your brand.

How do you start and take advantage of benefits of going mobile?

Firstly, think of what will benefit your clients the most, of their needs, wants and desires.

Secondly, make sure you fill the app with most accurate information and user friendly design. Remember that good app will bring you success, but a bad app may do harm.

And to crown it all – be innovative and give your customers an opportunity to obtain a unique travel experience, and they will return a hundredfold.

Essential Travel Apps

There are many travel apps on the market which have become essential travel gear, but the best are those that do their job well and quickly while you’re on the go. Choose the apps that are tried and tested rather than those which are still getting established. And the best thing is that most travel apps are free!

Most travellers find that apps which help them navigate; find local amenities and attractions; communicate and manage their money are the most useful travel and technology aids.

Google Maps

Most people are familiar with Google Maps from their computers but it is just as useful as a phone app. Google Maps can locate an address, work out a route for you, pin point hotels, estimated time to your destination, attractions and landmarks. This is a GPS application with turn-by-turn voice directions and can be used whether you’re walking or driving. You can even see 3D maps and indoor maps which show you floor plans. Google Maps is suitable for Android or iPhone.


This app will help you communicate no matter what the language of your host country (the app covers 12 languages). The app will teach you important phrases, translate what you say, talk to a live translator and teach you about the local culture. This app is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later models and iPhones.


There are a lot of things to remember when travelling and Evernote is a place to save your thoughts, ideas, itineraries, images, documents, interesting things you’ve heard about, to-do-lists and your list of travel things to remember. This free app, which is accessible from almost all devices, is easy to use as you can search your notes by keyword, tag or even text within images.

Mom Maps

This perfect family app will help you locate family-friendly places close to where you are and along the route you are following. The app lists parks, amusement parks, kid’s museums, playgrounds, kid-friendly restaurants and other attractions that will interest kids. You can search by category or by zip code and the app also lists reviews by parents, directions and information about the attractions. This app is good for Android and iPhone.


This app helps you find out more about your surroundings. If you arrive in a new place and want information about where you are and what the place has to offer then this app is very useful. You can locate the closest bank, ATM, bar, restaurants, train station, hospital, gas station, hotel or coffee shop. The app also provides local guides about your location. You can download AroundMe from iTunes for your iPhone or iPad.